What is the place of the slates in home decoration?

Slates have been used for the purpose of roofs and walls for a long time now. And more recently, as a slate cheese board – people are even using it for their restaurants! I do agree, that they are unique plates for restaurants. Using slates as interior decoration is not that popular among the house owners. But there are glimpses of hope for those who have been promoting the use of slates or these unique cheese boards for interior decoration.  Slates are rocks (metamorphic) that are naturally formed by the extreme heat and pressure from the sedimentary rocks. You get slates in different forms, designs, and shapes which is a blessing for designers who use slates for interior designing.

slate plates

Slate plates are widely used as cheese boards and they can also be used for decoration of the interior. You would have seen kitchen countertops made of slates that can give a classy look to the kitchen. As I mentioned earlier there are different designs available for the slates. This gives us more options to use these as the decorations. I can think of some ideas to use these unique cheese boards while decorating your house. You can buy these unique cheese boards from the market and stick or hang it in front of the rooms with inmate’s names written on it. You can use these slates as garden markers. Since you can write on the slate using a chalk piece it is easy to customize them with the names.

slate counter top

Another way to decorate your house using the slates is using it as a candle stand. You can either use it as a flat surface to decorate it with small candles or can buy round candle holders made of slates. These unique cheese boards can be used in the living room to keep the flower vases giving them a classy look. In bathrooms, you can use these slates as just a platform to keep your grooming kit, soap, shampoo, and conditioner. You can use these slates to draw pictures to welcome guests for a party. If you want to get something engraved onto the slate you can get it done from the shops. Even though there are other purposes for the slates they are widely used as the base for the decorations. Since these boards are jet black in color (most of the time) anything on top of that will look elegant and classy. In short, the slates are used for decoration when the house owner need only minimal decoration but should be classy and elegant.

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