The strange world of chastity male devices


The other day, I came across something I had never heard of before. Male chastity devices: What the hell?

I always thought of chastity to be something that young women in the victorian times wore. I have never, once, associated it with a man.


Men wear it for a completely different reason though. Women would wear it mainly for religious reasons – to keep her “pure”, a virgin, etc.

For men… it’s completely different. It’s essentially a kink. These men, get off… on not getting off. But – the women that takes part in this act does enjoy it, too. Male chastity is another branch of femdom – where the female dominates.


These men love being under the full control of their women, they get their cock locked up in one of these male chastity devices found at Lock the cock, and then the woman has full control, as she has the key. When the man is ready to receive pleasure (as determined by his mistress), then she will unlock the cage.


Until the cage is unlocked – it’s impossible for the man to even have an errection. The penis can’t expand.. it just can’t, there’s no space! You’d think this would hurt, apparently it does not, but it does however, cause a LOT of frustration.


While he is locked, he can’t masturbate, he can’t sleep with other women, he’s under the full control of his mistress.


My head was spinning after I found about this – similar to when I found out that most men in the U.S. are circumsized. There are very few countries out there that circumsize for non-religious reasons. It’s very strange how under-educated many americans are on the matter, one person that I met on my travels, even thought it was only the jews and muslims that circumsized! And that circumsicion was something that EVERY one did – apart from these two groups.
But even Americans will have their head spinning when they think about the thought of men actively having their penises locked up in a uncomfortable cage, on a daily basis.


It only gets stranger when there are some crazy parents out there, that puts this on their CHILD! They do that because it stops them from masturbating – because it’s a very bad thing, apparently. At-least according to the bible.



I have nothing against consenting adults that does it, honestly, it’s amazing, the length that we go to get off – but using it on your child, or some one that does not consent, NO!

Although – many do pretend to not want it, this is called “forced chastity”, I am pretty sure that most of these men were not actually forced to do it, but they just pretend to not want it. To make things more kinky.

Yea, this has been a boring sunday, and if you read this far – then you must be bored too!

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