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Starting your Own Restaurant, Overview of the Restaurant Business

The idea of owning a restaurant appeals to many people, especially those who perceive it as glamorous or a symbol of prestige. The restaurateur role has seduced a number of well-known sports and entertainment figures and personalities. Self-proclaimed chefs dream of opening their own restaurants, confident that their talents will result in


Higgins Alley, Missoula, Higgins Alley Restaurant, Montana

Higgins Alley, Missoula Every step of the way, owner Jeff Readman honors Zimorino’s, the beloved Missoula institution that Higgins Alley replaced. “Zimorino’s was more than a restaurant to people here; it was a part of the community for more than two decades. Since then, we’ve been pleasantly surprised by how well we’ve


Reno’s Ethnic Restaurants Mirror City’s People

On the dining scene, Reno’s diversity of ethnic populations have brought added ingredients to the area’s cuisine. As a result, it’s possible to dine on Salvadoran food one night; Thai, East Indian, Italian, Mexican, Japanese or Greek the next. A sampling of dining options follows. Zagol Ethiopian Restaurant The city’s only Ethiopian