Performance Factor in Furry Fandom


The furry fandom loves to perform acting in character whenever the opportunity arrives. This can be seen with how they behave and act in front of a large crowd. Let us look at the importance of performance factor in the furry fandom.

A huge number of furries often have their respective furry personalities created as a representation of their character or alter ego. They fursonas come into play during conventions and other related fan gatherings. The performance factor plays an important role in helping make the act feel more convincing to others. As such, furries oftentimes wear a different fursona that can be a huge contrast on what they are inside. Some even wear butt plugs! (What exactly is a butt plug? This article explains more). The performance sells the character which in turn helps draw the attention of the crowd.

The growing popularity of the furry fandom has led to the creation of conventions dedicated to the fandom. They grow in attendance year by year making it quite an impressive feat. This in turn allows furries to mingle, talk and perform to fans. Having their own dedicated furry convention also offers a huge amount of convenience as they don’t have to share space with other fandoms.


Furry conventions are the perfect place for the fandom to share their talents to their core audience. The atmosphere is high and each furry is ready to show off their performance. This is the reason you will often see furries in high spirits in conventions always smiling and ready to great fans and other newcomers into the fandom. Their cheerful and bright personalities do indeed standout from other conventions making them very much approachable. This is the reason why you will often see both young and old people alike reach out to furries with little to no hesitation for hugs and other related interactions. Parties are a pretty common sight in furry conventions and their performance also goes a long way in keeping these type of events fun as well as engaging to the attendees.

There is indeed plenty of fun to be had in the furry fandom. A huge contributing factor to their success is with their stellar performance factor which furries are not afraid of showing. Consider attending a furry convention near your area to experience the performance factor in the furry fandom firsthand. This is very different from the stories you hear from others. Schedule a furry con trip with your friends today!


Augmented Reality Photo Booth


Digital technology has contributed greatly in streamlining the way we take pictures which can now be produced in a considerable less amount of time when compared to their older counterparts. Photo booths have also taken the necessary changes for them to be relevant and up to date to the interest and attention of their clients. Aside the rise in popularity of digital photo booths, new innovations such as augmented reality photo booth has been slowly introduced and can be found in a variety of events and expos. Let us look at how augmented reality differs for other photo booths in the present.

Augmented reality photo booths take advantage of the latest technology in taking stunning and vibrant pictures in a more creative and unique manner. Augment reality is growing in popularity in Melbourne, Australia which is used in movies, video games and other related media. A number of photo booths today benefit greatly from the vast options that are available with augment reality, one of which is http://aussiephotobooths.com.au.


With the help of the very same technology, users are able to project a variety of images on the screen which they can use as background for their photos. The same can also be said with regards to the props that they will be wearing since most of them will be provided digitally. This in turn allows clients to create dozens of unique photos in a seamless and timely manner. Photo booth companies are also able to save some space as there is no need to carry different backgrounds and drops at the event which they are located. As a result, photo booth companies feel a huge amount of relief and convenience as there is no need to carry those items any longer.

Another noteworthy feature with augmented reality photo booths is with the large monitor displays they come with. This is a very much welcomed innovation as their users are able to see their poses with their friends in real time. As a result, people are able to make the necessary adjustments during their picture taking session changing their background and props as they see fit.

There is indeed a lot of benefits augmented reality photo booths bring to the table in parties and events. With that being said, this type of booth is considered to be on the more expensive side. Find a photo booth company today and ask if they are able to provide this type of service for your upcoming event.


Tips for Custom-printed Dinnerware


Modern technology has contributed greatly offering new innovations on how to design dinnerware. Custom prints are becoming more and more popular adding a unique twist on how to create dinnerware that looks different from the rest of the crowd. The thought of adding custom prints with your dinnerware is indeed very promising but there are a few factors you will need to consider in order to make your customization a success. Let us look at a few tips for custom-printed dinnerware.


Shop and Design Online

Many stores now make it possible for their customers to create and design dinnerware directly over their website. As for http://www.slateplate.com/, they give you the privilege to customize your dinnerware, you can even engrave your name unto it. This in turn helps save their clients a fair amount of time as they are able to make custom prints for their dinnerware at any given time when the need calls for them to do so. You can also have your custom-printed dinnerware delivered straight through your doorstep which provides a good amount of convenience.


Take in Consideration Your Design


There is indeed a lot of freedom with custom-printed dinnerware. Customers will be able to choose from a variety of available designs directly from the store or perhaps add their very own photos or text. Importing pictures to be used for custom-printed dinnerware is a popular practice however, customers should be mindful of their design.

First off, when planning on grabbing photos over the internet make sure that the images are not copyrighted. This in turn helps you avoid having any legal problems in the future when designing your dinnerware. For that matter it is a much safer bet to go with your pictures instead.


When adding photos to your dinnerware, make sure to take into consideration the size of your pictures. The reason behind this is that the image quality can get affected when they are printed. Size is also a contributing factor and you may need to resize your images in order for them to fit your dinnerware of choice. For that matter, make sure that you don’t use the overly big pictures for your dinnerware and the same can also be said when you decide to add some text.

Custom-printed dinnerware does indeed offer a great deal of flexibility with your items. This in turn makes your table look unique impressing your guest and visitors in the process. Consider looking for designs to use for your dinnerware of choice and start designing them today!


The strange world of chastity male devices


The other day, I came across something I had never heard of before. Male chastity devices: What the hell?

I always thought of chastity to be something that young women in the victorian times wore. I have never, once, associated it with a man.


Men wear it for a completely different reason though. Women would wear it mainly for religious reasons – to keep her “pure”, a virgin, etc.

For men… it’s completely different. It’s essentially a kink. These men, get off… on not getting off. But – the women that takes part in this act does enjoy it, too. Male chastity is another branch of femdom – where the female dominates.


These men love being under the full control of their women, they get their cock locked up in one of these male chastity devices found at Lock the cock, and then the woman has full control, as she has the key. When the man is ready to receive pleasure (as determined by his mistress), then she will unlock the cage.


Until the cage is unlocked – it’s impossible for the man to even have an errection. The penis can’t expand.. it just can’t, there’s no space! You’d think this would hurt, apparently it does not, but it does however, cause a LOT of frustration.


While he is locked, he can’t masturbate, he can’t sleep with other women, he’s under the full control of his mistress.


My head was spinning after I found about this – similar to when I found out that most men in the U.S. are circumsized. There are very few countries out there that circumsize for non-religious reasons. It’s very strange how under-educated many americans are on the matter, one person that I met on my travels, even thought it was only the jews and muslims that circumsized! And that circumsicion was something that EVERY one did – apart from these two groups.
But even Americans will have their head spinning when they think about the thought of men actively having their penises locked up in a uncomfortable cage, on a daily basis.


It only gets stranger when there are some crazy parents out there, that puts this on their CHILD! They do that because it stops them from masturbating – because it’s a very bad thing, apparently. At-least according to the bible.



I have nothing against consenting adults that does it, honestly, it’s amazing, the length that we go to get off – but using it on your child, or some one that does not consent, NO!

Although – many do pretend to not want it, this is called “forced chastity”, I am pretty sure that most of these men were not actually forced to do it, but they just pretend to not want it. To make things more kinky.

Yea, this has been a boring sunday, and if you read this far – then you must be bored too!


Reasons to Use Customizable Pillows

Pillows play a very important role in providing relaxing rest and sleep. A huge number of individuals can’t go to sleep without them making them one of the quintessential set pieces of your bedroom. It is good to hear that you will not be finding any shortage of pillows with them being made readily available in the present. Some however, go the extra mile with their pillows by customizing them. Let us look at some of the reasons people use customizable pillows.

Limitless Customization Options

Customizable pillows make great use of different design options that they can think of. Indeed, the sky is the limit with customizing these type of items. People can choose to add pictures, photos or text to make these pillows look and feel more special than ever before. As a result, one can create multiple customizable pillows without them looking relatively the same as each other.

Designing Customizable Pillows is Worthwhile and Fun

It should be noted that customers are involved in the creation of these customizable pillows – hence the saying at this website, “choose how you snooze“. Customer feedback plays a very important role and they are able to make modifications to their items at whim. The design phase is pretty engaging and fun especially when you see the end result of your item. You can start by choosing a specific pillow size, its color as well as their shape. After that, you can then have a blast in adding pictures or text that fits your preference and the theme that you are going for.

Helps Breathe New Life to Your Pillows

Regular pillows look stale when compared to the customizable ones. Indeed, normal pillows and their designs are a bit predictable with people knowing what to expect from them. This is not the case with regards to customizable pillows as you can surprise your guest with their look and feel. This in turn makes each and every one of these pillows unique and special in its own way.

With the help of modern technology, designing customizable pillows has become a pretty simple and straightforward activity. All of this is made possible with store owners integrating their services online. As a result, one can create customizable pillows over their website saving them a fair amount of time and resources in the process. Online orders are also made available allowing these pillows to be delivered straight through their doorsteps. Start designing your very own customizable pillows today!


Starting your Own Restaurant, Overview of the Restaurant Business

The idea of owning a restaurant appeals to many people, especially those who perceive it as glamorous or a symbol of prestige. The restaurateur role has seduced a number of well-known sports and entertainment figures and personalities.

Self-proclaimed chefs dream of opening their own restaurants, confident that their talents will result in successful enterprises, in spite of the high percentage of new restaurant failures each year.

Starting a Restaurant

When starting a restaurant there are countless decisions to make, and making just one wrong decision in any of these areas can result in the failure of the business. Consider the location, menu, building design, marketing and training of the staff. Once the business gets going the work has just begun, with daily management and overseeing the staff.

The location alone can make or break the business. While you might select a good area, you may choose the wrong street. Two identical establishments situated just one street apart, might result in one being wildly successful while the other a dismal failure. Causes for the difference include a variety of possible factors, such as street exposure, visibility and access.

Creating the menu does not just involve planning delicious meals that will appeal to your customers. The ingredients must be obtainable at a cost, which will allow you to price the menu to make a profit, yet still be affordable to clients. If a restaurant hopes to make 10 percent of its gross sales as the profit, there is very little room for food waste. Another consideration is the cost of food preparation. Some meals are more labor intensive than others, requiring additional prep time.

Restaurant Management

Even if you have the ideal location, menu and marketing strategy, poor management will be the downfall of the restaurant. Restaurants require constant supervision to maintain consistent product. It takes just one bad meal for an unsatisfied customer to spread the word that your restaurant has horrible food.

If a server, cook, bartender or dishwasher fails to show up for work, someone has to be ready to jump in to do the work. Often that someone is the restaurant manager. Restaurants require continual cleaning, with floors needing daily washing. Refrigeration storage requires regular rotating, and improper food handling can make customers seriously sick.

Being a successful restaurateur is not a part time job; it require long hours, commitment and hard work. For those that enjoy the work, and love working with people, the business can be rewarding.


Higgins Alley, Missoula, Higgins Alley Restaurant, Montana

Higgins Alley, Missoula

Every step of the way, owner Jeff Readman honors Zimorino’s, the beloved Missoula institution that Higgins Alley replaced.

“Zimorino’s was more than a restaurant to people here; it was a part of the community for more than two decades. Since then, we’ve been pleasantly surprised by how well we’ve been accepted,” says Freadman, who works four nights a week in the kitchen as the restaurant’s head chef.

Readman moved to Missoula in 1993. In 1998, he left to attend Tante Marie’s Cooking School , a private culinary institute located in San Francisco . Freadman found the school’s small class sizes and intensive nature (students prepare food together under the tutelage of the chef or cooking teacher) beneficial to his needs as a chef.

“That year, I learned the meaning of professionalism and I honed my skills. Most of the new dishes at Higgins Alley are based on my knowledge of food and training, and incorporate professional techniques I acquired from Tante Marie’s,” says Freadman.

Higgins Alley, Missoula Italian Restaurant

In 2004, Freadman signed the paperwork to purchase Zimorino’s. Still, many locals mistakenly refer to his restaurant by its former name, or they innocently call Higgins Alley “that brand new place.” These situations hardly irk or irritate Freadman.

“We still get phone calls asking for Zimorino’s, but that’s fine. For six months after I took over the place, I kept the old name and the exact menu, that’s because I didn’t want to alienate people.”

In March 2004, Freadman closed the restaurant for two months in order to have new carpeting installed, to have the kitchen remodeled, and to remove partition walls, in an attempt to create the impression of greater spaciousness.

Today, Higgins Alley epitomizes the vibrant and enjoyable Missoula dining experience – informal, mellow, buoyant, family friendly, not exclusive to an age group or a particular mode of dress.

“When you come here you can opt to spend $12 or $30 a person. We have a comfortable price range. You can wear a suite and tie or come in jeans. People should feel comfortable here, and are made to enjoy the atmosphere and the ambience. “

Readman’s philosophy as a restaurant owner is simple: quality control and fresh ingredients are key. “We don’t buy prepared foods. Pastas, breads and desserts are all made in-house daily. Nothing here is pre-assembled, or premade, and everything is cooked to order,” says Readman.

Higgins Alley, Missoula, MT

At Higgins Alley, patrons get a robust slice of neighborhood Italian, New York style, transferred, in a sleeker format, to the heart of Missoula ’s laid-back downtown district atmosphere.

“I love being downtown. This is the best spot, the four corners area (of Higgins and Spruce). It keeps us busy, and I love the building we’re in. I can’t picture us being anywhere else in Missoula .”

Offering multiregional Italian dishes served in a casual, dimly lit, old-fashioned setting to the strains of light music and chatty conversation, Higgins Alley radiates warmth and sentimentality. The restaurant’s hardwood oak bar is stocked with an ambitious variety of Italian wines, with enough interesting choices to suggest a favorite local hangout is in the making.

Freadman is glad that he and his restaurant have successfully developed a cordial rapport with the local community. For him, hearing the kind and favorable comments of his customers, makes the effort of providing delectable dishes and pleasing recipes worthwhile.

“I’ll tell you: I’ve heard how hard it is to run a restaurant, and it’s all true. It’s an around the clock job. But, after seeing people have fun here and enjoying themselves, those things really don’t matter.”



Reno’s Ethnic Restaurants Mirror City’s People

On the dining scene, Reno’s diversity of ethnic populations have brought added ingredients to the area’s cuisine. As a result, it’s possible to dine on Salvadoran food one night; Thai, East Indian, Italian, Mexican, Japanese or Greek the next. A sampling of dining options follows.

Zagol Ethiopian Restaurant

The city’s only Ethiopian restaurant, Zagol, is located at 855 E. Fourth Street. Definitely upscale, the restaurant’s décor is sophisticated, with art from Ethiopia on the walls. Meals are served without cutlery, and food is designed to be eaten by scooping it up with a spongy flat bread called injera. Food is served on Ethiopian-crafted platters large enough for all diner’s entrees in addition to a communal salad. Among house specialties are several chicken dishes and a combination of cooked collard greens, yellow split peas and beef.

Dynasty China Bistro

Its storefront location (1185 California Ave.) at the Village Shopping Center makes Dynasty a popular eatery with Reno residents who live in the area. Décor is simple but attractive with red lanterns and Chinese art highlighting the white walls and dark wood paneling. The bill of fare includes traditional Chinese-American dishes along with variations such as glazed shrimp with walnuts, lettuce wrapped chicken and mango curry.

India Kabobs & Curry

India Kabobs & Curry (1091 S. Virginia Street) features an array of exceedingly diverse dishes. Best choice for diners unfamiliar with Indian cuisine is the lunch buffet, served from 10:30 a.m-3 p.m. ($7.95). It includes pakoras (cheese, chicken or other meats deep-fried in chick pea batter), samosas (turnovers with a variety of fillings), kabobs, breads and vegetables flavored with traditional spices from the various regions of the country.


This Greek eatery at Airport Square (1290 E. Plumb Lane) is actually a combination sub shop, restaurant and take-away food operation. It’s a small restaurant, but the menu is extensive with mousaka,pastitsio, spankopita and gyros among the Greek offerings. A half dozen Italian pastas as well as vegetarian meals, subs, panini and other sandwiches are also available. In addition to the inside seating, sidewalk tables are moved outside during warm weather.

The Agave

At 1575 Vassar Street, this Reno old-timer was formerly known as La Pinata. Portions are generous, with traditional Mexican American offerings – tacos, tortillas, tamales, flautas and chile rellenos – on the menu. However, they’re of higher quality than their counterparts in most other Reno restaurants. The ambience (especially in the dining room on the right side of the restaurant) is pleasantly traditional, with comfortable booths and tables. Service is excellent and in addition to the regular menu, there’s also a buffet.

El Quetzal

Two doors down from The Agave, at 1555 Vassar Street, El Quetzal’s cuisine is Guatemalan. Tortillas and salsas are home made. Though the ingredients are much the same as those in Mexican dishes, they’re combined differently and the food is not as spicy as that of its neighbor to the North. For example, the salsa is milder orange in color. The deep fried and stuffed plantain is a popular dessert.

Bangkok Cuisine

With greenery-bedecked arches, blue and white serving dishes and other decorative touches reminiscent of Thailand’s capital city, the setting at Bangkok Cuisine (55 Mt. Rose Street) is matched by the authenticity of the cuisine. Most menu entrees can be made with either beef, chicken, pork or seafood. Salads can also serve as entrees since most of them include both meat or seafood along with vegetables or fruit. Exotic flavors of ice cream are among the dessert choices.

Almost all of the ethnic restaurants” meals are moderately priced at $30 to $40 for dinner for two. Hours vary. As do closing days.


The opportunities that can be produced by slates in home decoration

You would have seen the usage of slates for interior decoration recently. I would like to mention about the job and business opportunities you get from these stones. I will explain what slates are before starting to talk about the opportunities. Slates are metamorphic stones that are formed gradually in nature due to the pressure and heat under the sedimentary rocks. Slates come with different textures and colors giving them a rustic look. These stones come in a variety of earth tone colors that are only found in the slates. The slates can be used for different uses like flooring, countertops, and other decorations. This is an industry where you can work independently and earn from it. I can give you some ideas about this.

slate plate with soap stone chalk

If you can buy slates from retailers you can set up a shop itself with decoration items made of slates. Most people know about the slates as the unique cheese boards. But that is not the only way you can decorate your house using the slates. These unique cheese boards can be used to decorate your living room, bathroom, kitchen and even bedroom. Now itself you would have understood the vast opportunities you get from this. You can work as an interior designer and decoration expert. People can also call you for renovations because they want to increase the value of their house. For this purpose slates are the best options.

Slate plates for serving food

Since these stones are cheaper when compared to the other tiles or stones house owners tend to buy them for flooring. So you can set up a business unit to provide flooring services to the new house owners. Next use of these slates is as the kitchen countertops. So you can set up an interior and kitchen designing business. Another use of these unique cheese boards is as the serving slates. Restaurants have started to use the slates as food serving plates recently. This practice is going to increase gradually because of the easy to clean and maintain nature of the slate. So you just have to buy the slates and cut it into shapes asked by the restaurants. Most of the time they will ask for rectangle shape so the work is easy. Just like the interior flooring, the slates can be used as tiles for the car parking area and lawn.


What is the place of the slates in home decoration?

Slates have been used for the purpose of roofs and walls for a long time now. And more recently, as a slate cheese board – people are even using it for their restaurants! I do agree, that they are unique plates for restaurants. Using slates as interior decoration is not that popular among the house owners. But there are glimpses of hope for those who have been promoting the use of slates or these unique cheese boards for interior decoration.  Slates are rocks (metamorphic) that are naturally formed by the extreme heat and pressure from the sedimentary rocks. You get slates in different forms, designs, and shapes which is a blessing for designers who use slates for interior designing.

slate plates

Slate plates are widely used as cheese boards and they can also be used for decoration of the interior. You would have seen kitchen countertops made of slates that can give a classy look to the kitchen. As I mentioned earlier there are different designs available for the slates. This gives us more options to use these as the decorations. I can think of some ideas to use these unique cheese boards while decorating your house. You can buy these unique cheese boards from the market and stick or hang it in front of the rooms with inmate’s names written on it. You can use these slates as garden markers. Since you can write on the slate using a chalk piece it is easy to customize them with the names.

slate counter top

Another way to decorate your house using the slates is using it as a candle stand. You can either use it as a flat surface to decorate it with small candles or can buy round candle holders made of slates. These unique cheese boards can be used in the living room to keep the flower vases giving them a classy look. In bathrooms, you can use these slates as just a platform to keep your grooming kit, soap, shampoo, and conditioner. You can use these slates to draw pictures to welcome guests for a party. If you want to get something engraved onto the slate you can get it done from the shops. Even though there are other purposes for the slates they are widely used as the base for the decorations. Since these boards are jet black in color (most of the time) anything on top of that will look elegant and classy. In short, the slates are used for decoration when the house owner need only minimal decoration but should be classy and elegant.